Can I Hire Someone To Organize My Room?

How do you organize a room full of clutter?

Step #1: How to Start DeclutteringGrab the Necessary Tools.

Cleaning out an overflowing room can be a long process.

Sort for 20 Minutes.

Set a timer, and get to work.

Try the Four-Box Method.

Donating vs.

Start with the Big Stuff.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions.

Separate by Categories.

Move All Unnecessary Items.More items…•.

What do professional organizers wear?

Regarding corporate organizing jobs, you should always dress corporately when working in a corporate setting and, at minimum, wear a nice jacket. There have been instances when I actually wore a suit every day to a corporate organizing job because that was the dress code.

Why should I declutter?

Decluttering Sharpens Your Mind Research from Princeton University has found that decluttering your work and living spaces helps your brain focus. Put simply, the research found that clutter competes for your attention. In turn, organized environments lead to a sharp, productive and concentrated mind.

How much do home organizers make?

A mid-career Professional Home Organizer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $25.00 based on 7 salaries. An experienced Professional Home Organizer with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $22.50 based on 16 salaries.

How much does a professional organizer charge per hour?

Expect to pay between $80 and $140 an hour, though some organizers offer packages, such as a closet clean-out for $250 or a garage sorting for $350. If you’re already relatively organized, a small kitchen tidying session might run you $200; a full-house effort for a downsizing senior might cost more than $1,000.

How can I help people organize?

Really organized people are not born organized, they have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organized.Write Things Down. … Make Schedules and Deadlines. … Don’t Procrastinate. … Give Everything a Home. … Declutter Regularly. … Keep Only What You Need. … Know Where to Discard Items. … Stay Away from Bargains.More items…

How much should I pay someone to organize my house?

Depending on the company and where you live, professional organizers typically charge between $30 and $80 per hour, according to, and per-project rates for a single room such as a kitchen, utility room or home office range from $200 to $375.

How do you organize random things?

Carefully and neatly wrap cords, cables, and twine, and use drawer dividers, small trays or flat boxes to contain other items. You could also use large, clear zippered plastic bags to store items in a pinch. The last thing to do is to label items, so it’s easy to see where items belong.

Is there a demand for professional organizers?

From 1995 to 2016, the number of members of the National Association of Professional Organizers grew almost 400 percent. … As long as that need persists, the market and demand for professional organizers seem likely to continue to expand, rather than contract.

How long does it take to organize a house?

Do not set aside an ENTIRE day to organize your WHOLE house. Very few people have the energy and/or focus to spend 8 hours organizing. You’ll likely become frustrated and less efficient as the day progresses. It’s much better to spend a few hours — 2 or 3 — on one project or space.

Do professional organizers clean?

A Professional Organizer must also be a good cleaning person. Typically they carry cleaning products with them and clean/dust shelves or areas that they are organizing. A Professional Organizer must also be very good at solving puzzles, especially three-dimensional ones.

What do personal organizers do?

What to expect when you’re expecting (a professional organizer) Professional organizers will work with you to decide what you want to keep, and to identify where unwanted items will go. They will, in many cases, facilitate the disposal, donation or sale of belongings a client wants to part with.

How do I organize my daily routine?

Part One: Have a PlanDO try to be the first one awake. … DO try to complete the same tasks in the same order every day. … DO plan for efficiency. … DO use your routines to help make the next part of your day run smoothly. … DO use checklists to stay on track! … DON’T try to add too much. … My Morning To-Do List:More items…•

How can I organize my life in one week?

How to Organize Your Life – One Week at a TimeEver feel like there’s just not enough time in a week? … Tip #1: A planner is your best friend. … Tip #2: Set goals and make lists. … Tip #3: Prep what you can the night before. … Tip #4: Get an early start. … Tip #5: Plan meals in advance. … Tip #6: Clean a little each day.More items…•

How can I run my house smoothly?

How I Managed MischiefKnow why you’re doing this. … A place for everything, and throw half of what you own away. … If You Leave The Room Take Something With You. … Don’t Sit Down Much (But End The Night Off Your Feet). … Tidy on Before the week starts. … Have A Routine. … Set Standards (Even Low Ones). … Plan on failing to plan.More items…•

Do professional organizers make good money?

On average, the typical professional organizer can expect to make around $50 to $60 per hour and may work anywhere from 20 to 40+ hours each week. When it comes time for you to set your hourly wage, you’ll have to pay close attention to several factors that are different in every geographical area.

How do you declutter without being overwhelmed?


How do I organize my bedroom with too much stuff?

Step 2: Declutter one area at time.Start with one room or small area at a time. If a room is too large or cluttered, focus on one corner. … Don’t plan to tackle an entire house in a day. Balancing the amount of stuff you have in your limited amount of space is a process. … Evaluate each item individually.

Where do I start decluttering my bedroom?

Follow these decluttering steps to get started…Step 1: Sort your items into three piles. … Step 2: Tackle the wardrobe and chest of drawers. … Step 3: Organise your clothes. … Step 4: Pack away out-of-season clothes. … Step 5: Make a habit of putting clothes away. … Step 6: Declutter your bedside table and cabinets.More items…•

Are Professional Organizers worth it?

It will save you money in moving and storage costs. If you won’t do it on your own, a professional organizer can get you started. If you have a closet full of stuff that you never use but hope to use, then a professional organizer can help you make the decision to keep, sell, or toss.

What is a professional organizer called?

A certified professional organizer (CPO) is hired to organize cluttered living spaces or work environments. Creating a comfortable and easy lifestyle for a client is very satisfying. Helping them maintain it for the long term is very valuable.