How Do I Get Reimbursed From VSP?

Who takes VSP insurance for glasses?

Who is Eyeconic.

Eyeconic is the only online retailer where you can buy glasses, sunglasses, and contacts with your VSP benefits to save up to $220..

Does Walmart accept VSP Vision Care?

You can use the plan at any Walmart Vision Center, Sam’s Club Optical, or Vision Service Plan (VSP) network provider nationwide.

How long does it take VSP to make glasses?

1-2 weeksIf VSP Choice Plan, your eyeglasses will be made at the VSPOne Laboratory, usually in California, and will arrive back completed and ready for you in 1-2 weeks, perhaps a few days longer for special lens coasting and treatments.

Does Lenscrafters accept VSP?

While you can purchase glasses at Lenscrafter with VSP, it will be processed at the out-of-network level and you will receive a significantly decreased benefit. VSP does not contract with any large retailers (Lenscrafter, Costco, etc) but rather with private optometry/ophthalmology practices.

Does VSP reimburse Costco?

Which vision insurance does Costco accept? Costco accepts most vision insurance plans, including VSP. However, your allowance may differ.

How do I use my VSP insurance?

How to Use Your Vision Insurance Benefits in 4 Easy StepsStep 1: Find a VSP Network Doctor. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to start using your VSP benefits within five days. … Step 2: Complete Your Eye Exam. … Step 3: Use Your Eye Insurance Benefits to Purchase Vision Care Items. … Step 4: Get an Eye Exam Annually.

Does VSP reimburse glasses?

If your insurance plan doesn’t participate in Eyeconic and you have benefits available, you can purchase from and submit for out-of-network reimbursement. Even if you don’t use your VSP benefits, you still save 20% on glasses ordered through

Is VSP a good vision plan?

You’d have to pay out-of-pocket. Why We Chose It: VSP Vision is our top pick because there are multiple plans with flexible coverage and costs, and because it is the largest provider of vision insurance to the most people.

Does VSP give you a card?

VSP doesn’t actively send ID cards, as they aren’t required for services. All you have to do is give your information when you check in for your eye exam and your eye doctor will pull up your benefits. However, a card is available on, if you’d like something to hold on to for reference.

How do I print my VSP card?

If you’re unsure of what your member ID is, you can check with your benefits office or call us at 800.877. 7195. If you’d like an ID card, you can print a Member Vision Card from the Member Details section of

How much does VSP pay out of network?

Most OON providers that “advertise” that they “accept” VSP will take the VSP payment + the patient Co-pay as payment in full for the professional services. Frames generally are reimbursed about $70.

Is VSP part of Blue Cross?

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Vision VSP vision service plan is considered one of the premier vision insurance plans in the United States. To ensure the highest level of vision care, VSP only allows independent, private-practice optometrists to participate as VSP providers.

Does America’s best take VSP insurance?

Does America’s Best accept vision insurance? Yes! For in-store purchases, we accept most vision insurance plans including EyeMed, Spectera, Superior Vision, Davis Vision. … For online orders, we do not accept vision insurance as payment for orders.

How often can you get glasses with VSP?

How often can I see the eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam? If you have the VSP Individual Vision Plan, you’re covered for a comprehensive eye exam and a new pair of glasses every 12 months.

What are my VSP benefits?

Everyone on your plan gets the comprehensive vision coverage you’d expect, like eye exams, glasses and savings on lens upgrades. Plus, with VSP EasyOptions, you and your dependents can each choose from a variety of covered upgrades during their in-network doctor’s visit. Look for the EasyOptions banner to learn more!

How much will VSP pay for glasses?

VSP Standard Option Get a $120 frame allowance toward the purchase of any frame brand, or get a $160 frame allowance on a featured frame brand. Click here to see a list of featured frame brands.

Does Costco accept VSP insurance for glasses?

Costco benefit for ACSIG VSP Vision Plans You’re eligible for the in-network benefit when you purchase eyeglasses or contacts at Costco Optical as noted on your VSP Vision Care plan summary. Retail chain affiliate providers give employees added convenience and additional retail locations.

Where do I mail VSP claims?

Claims must be submitted to VSP within six months from your date of service. Please keep a copy of the information for your records and send the originals to the following address: Vision Service Plan, Out-of- Network Provider Claims, P.O. Box 997105, Sacramento, CA 95899-7105.