How Do I Remove D1 101 Restrictions?

Is a d1 Licence the same as a PCV Licence?

The PCV licence is a Category D licence that comes in four ‘flavours’: Category D1 – This licence is for minibuses with a seating capacity of between nine and 16 passengers.

It allows for towing a trailer of up to 750 kg simultaneously.

You can also tow a trailer in excess of 750 kg simultaneously..

Can I drive a minibus without a d1?

Driving licences awarded on and after 1 January 1997 do not automatically have the D1 entitlement, which is the full minibus licence. You might still be able to drive a minibus without the D1 entitlement, but you and the vehicle you want to drive will have to meet certain requirements.

What is a cat d1 Licence?

Category D1 You can drive vehicles with: no more than 16 passenger seats. a maximum length of 8 metres. a trailer up to 750kg.

What is d1 101 restriction?

Category D1 101 entitlement Drivers who hold a category D1 101 on their driving licence can drive a minibus of any weight, provide their services as a volunteer or be paid directly to drive it.

What does code 101 mean on driving Licence?

licence holder cannot undertake hire and reward workThe restriction is shown as code (101) and means that the licence holder cannot undertake hire and reward work. This also applies to drivers who gained a restricted vocational licence for category D issued after 1991. … They CANNOT complete the 35 hours periodic training without having completed the Initial Driver CPC.

When did d1 stop on driving Licence?

If you first passed your car driving test before 1st January 1997, you will automatically have entitlement to drive a minibus on a not-for-profit basis. If you passed your car driving test after this date, you can only drive a minibus under certain restricted situations: Be at least 21 years old.