Is The Motorway Dangerous?

What are 3 night time driving tips?

12 Safety Tips For Driving At NightBe Extra Defensive.

Combat Fatigue.

Clean Up Your View.

Avoid Two-Lane Highways.

Slow Down.

Angle Your Headlights Correctly.

Use High Beams When Appropriate.

Tweak Your Inside Lighting.More items….

What time is the most dangerous to drive?

The most dangerous times to drive are the late afternoon and early evening: 6,201 accidents occurred between 4:00 p.m. and 6:59 p.m., followed by 6,067 between 7:00 p.m. and 9:59 p.m. By contrast, the fewest fatalities (3,345) occurred during the morning hours between 7:00 a.m. and 9:59 a.m.

Is the motorway safe?

Motorway Safety. Motorways are statistically our safest roads, with just 3% of accidents and 4% of fatalities. But when something does go wrong, the consequences are usually severe because of the high speeds involved.

Is motorway driving easy?

You might be surprised to learn, then, that they are some of the safest roads to drive on. In fact, many people find driving on motorways easier than using other roads.

What do I need to know before driving on a motorway?

Here is Highways England’s advice for drivers:Check tyres. Prior to setting off on a long/significant journey, check your tyre pressures are suitable for the load and the condition of your tyres, including the spare. … Check engine oil. … Check water. … Check lights. … Check fuel. … General enquiries. … Media enquiries.

Can you undertake on a smart motorway?

Overtaking on the nearside (left) is legally acceptable if you are driving on a multi-lane carriageway in congested conditions, and the lane to the left is moving at a faster speed than lanes to the right.

What is the best time to drive on the motorway?

They’re also more dangerous, with nearly 20 per cent more accidents. Weekday rush-hours to be avoided if possible are 6am-10am and 4pm-8pm. The best time to travel on a motorway to avoid weekend congestion is early morning Saturday or after 6pm, before congestion becomes more likely around 11am Sunday.

Are smart motorways dangerous?

An “evidence stocktake” published by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps in March stated that the risk of a collision between moving vehicles is lower on smart motorways than conventional motorways, but the chance of a crash involving a moving vehicle and a stationary vehicle is higher when the hard shoulder is removed.

Is it safe to drive on the motorway at night?

If you were to breakdown on the motorway at night, use your hazard warning lights to make your car as visible as possible to other drivers. It’s recommended to wear reflective clothing at night. … Driving at night carries a much greater risk than driving during the day.

How do you drive safely on a motorway?

How to drive safely on the motorwayTake someone with you. If you’re nervous about driving on a motorway, then consider taking another experienced driver with you on those first few motorway journeys. … Plan ahead. … Joining a motorway. … Use your mirrors. … Keep your distance. … Watch your speed. … Remember good lane discipline. … If you break down.More items…•

Can you stay in the middle lane on a motorway?

Middle lane hogging happens when a driver ignores part 264 of the Highway Code (read above!) and stays in the middle lane on a motorway for longer than they need to, and not moving back over to the left when it is clear. This includes driving in the middle lane when there are no cars to overtake on the left.

Can you stay in left lane on motorway?

Three-lane motorway – you should stay in the left-hand lane unless you need to overtake slower moving traffic. To do this you should use the middle lane. … You should only use the outer lane to overtake slower moving vehicles when the left-hand and middle lanes are occupied with slower moving traffic.

How fast can you get away with on the motorway?

Thankfully, things have moved on a bit since then and today UK car speed limits are generally 30mph in urban areas, 60mph on main single-carriageway roads, and 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways. There are exceptions, however, and many speed limits depend on the type of vehicle.

What happens if I break down on a smart motorway?

In the event of a breakdown or accident, the RAC advise that you should try to reach an ERA, stop in the layby and then ensure that your hazard lights are on. After this, you should exit your vehicle through the passenger door (if possible) and then head over to stand behind the crash barrier.

What should I do if I breakdown on the motorway?

What to do if you break down on the motorwayDrive to the next junction or the nearest services if possible. … If you have to slow down quickly, put your hazard warning lights on and carefully move to the left when the lane is clear.Come to a smooth stop, ensuring you’re as far over to the left of the hard shoulder as possible.More items…•