Question: Does Costco Offer Warranty On Electronics?

Does Costco offer warranty?

We offer our members three ways to extend their warranty on many of the products sold at Costco: Through Costco Concierge Services – applicable items are automatically enrolled in an extended warranty up to 2 years from the date of purchase..

How does Costco 2 year warranty work?

“Costco extends the manufacturer’s warranty on Televisions, Tuner-Free Displays, Projectors, Desktops, Laptops, All-in-ones* and Major Appliances† to 2 years from the date of purchase. Costco reserves the right to fulfill the second-year warranty obligation through a refund up to the purchase price.”

Is it good to buy appliances from Costco?

Costco. … One of the top benefits of buying your next dishwasher, range or refrigerator from Costco is the optional extended warranty. Purchase a major appliance at Costco and they will extend the manufacturer’s warranty to two years for extra peace of mind – and potential repair savings down the road.

What is the Costco warranty on electronics?

2 years2 YEAR WARRANTY Costco extends the manufacturer’s warranty on Televisions, Tuner-Free Displays, Projectors, Computers* and Major Appliances† to 2 years from the date of purchase. See the manufacturer’s warranty for specific coverage terms. TOLL-FREE 1-866-861-0450.

How long is Costco warranty?

2 yearsCostco extends the manufacturer’s warranty up to 2 years from the date of purchase.

Do Costco TVs come with warranty?

Costco extends the manufacturer’s warranty on televisions, projectors, major appliances and computers (excluding tablets) to 2 years from the date of purchase if the manufacturer’s warranty is less than 2 years.

Can I return to Costco after 2 years?

Costco is known for having a very generous return policy. Members can return almost any product at any time if they are not satisfied with it. Some members, however, may see this as an opportunity to return worn or used items several years after buying them.

How do I claim my Costco extended warranty?

To submit a claim, call 1-866-918-4670 or visit Citi’s benefits portal to download and submit a claim form.

What does Costco extended warranty cover?

Extended Coverage does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty or any coverage by Costco Concierge Services, but it may provide certain additional benefits. Extended Coverage includes failures caused by: 1. Defects in materials or workmanship; 2. Normal wear and tear; 3.

Can you return a broken TV to Costco?

Can you return opened electronics to Costco? At Costco, you can return electronics to Costco as long as it’s within the 90 day return window. You’ll have 90 days to return the following electronics at Costco: major appliances, tvs, computers and tablets, mp3 players, cameras and cell phones.

How long do I have to return a laptop to Costco?

within 90 daysThe following must be returned within 90 days of purchase for a refund: televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, iPOD / MP3 players and cellular phones. That means you could, for example, buy a laptop computer or a camera, take it on a full summer vacation, return it, and not even pay a re-stocking fee.

Who has the best appliance extended warranty?

1. American Home Shield. Our top recommended home warranty provider is American Home Shield. It provides four comprehensive coverage plans, including a Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, Combo Plan, and Build-Your-Own plan, personalized service fees, and generous coverage caps on major appliances and systems.

Is Costco extended warranty worth it?

Extended warranties for the most part are pure profit. However, the Square Trade prices at Costco are good and if you want that warm and fuzzy feeling that your set will be covered for five years, then go for it.

How long is Costco TV warranty?

7 yearsThere is no set guarantee prior, rather each different product has a reasonable guarantee based on product type and cost. 7 years for a TV is probably pretty fair. Especially for a hot electronic device like a Plasma TV. 7 years is fair from Costco point of view.

How does Costco TV warranty work?

One year from the manufacturer. One year from Costco just for purchasing it from them… Which equals two years (which all members get). From there, if you purchased SquareTrade it would kick in after the first two years, extending your coverage to five years.