Question: What Does EFI Live Do?

How much horsepower does EFI Live Add to Duramax?

HP level depends on the parts on the truck.

Over 1500HP has been done using EFI Live on a Duramax, but 300hp may be the max HP if your parts are not up to snuff..

How do I get started with EFI live?

Turn on the truck key. Turn on PC and start up the EFILive Scan tool program. Click on the “connect” option in the EFILive program. Select the parameters (PID’s) you want to scan, then start to monitor or record the data on the PC.

What’s better EFI live or HP Tuners?

Also Efi live gives us access to pretty much all the tables with the CAX files, if u know how to use them. HP tuners is the way to go if your just gonna tune 1 or 2 car and nit swap different engines and OS’s. You can put any Vin u want basically in efi live.

Can you use EFI live on more than one truck?

Yes, it can.

What does EFI mean?

Electronic fuel injectionElectronic fuel injection replaces the need for a carburetor that mixes and fuel. EFI does exactly what it sounds like – it injects fuel directly into an engine’s manifold or cylinder using electronic controls.

Can you tune a stock LML Duramax?

The 2011 through 2016 Duramax (or LML) is one of the best trucks GM has ever made. However, the opportunity to make it even better is just instinctual for American diesel truck owners. The most impactful improvement an LML owner can choose is aftermarket tuning.

How do I unlock my AutoCal?

You must either send your AutoCal back to the original* tuner or have the tuner send you an un-link code that allows you to un-link the AutoCal without sending it back. Either way you need the tuner who originally linked the AutoCal to agree to unlink the AutoCal.

Does EFI Live come with tunes?

EFILive is just a software that takes the ECM parameters and enables “you” or a “tuner”(person that manipulates the parameters) to change them and flash them back into the ECM. EFILive does not build performance tunes or even tune them selfs. The only provide the software.

How much does EFI Live cost?

Registered. I do not have EFI live myself, but the hardware itself will usually cost around $800. Usually vendors will give you one or two free tunes when you purchase EFI live from them. I know Nick at has a library of tunes (constantly updated) that you can subscribe to.

What is the best tuner for a LML Duramax?

Top 3 Models – Best LML Duramax Tuners (2011 – 2016)EZLynk Tuner w/ GDP Custom Tunes.Edge Evolution CTS2.Diablosport Predator 2.

Is EFI Live Vin locked?

Your tune is vin locked. If you keep the autocal you can just buy another Vin license and buy updated tunes if you decide to use Ryan’s tunes on the new truck.