Quick Answer: Can You Have 2 Grindr Accounts?

How long do messages stay on Grindr?

48 hoursGenerally, Grindr does not maintain user chat messages for longer than 48 hours once the message has been delivered to the recipient..

Is Grindr only for phones?

It is available on iOS and Android devices in both free and premium versions (the latter called Grindr XTRA and Grindr Unlimited).

Is Grindr unlimited available?

With Grindr Unlimited, nothing will delay your satisfaction. Unlimited is now available on iOS and Android.

How do I contact Grindr?

If You believe that Grindr has suspended or terminated Your User Account in error, You may contact Us at help@grindr.com at any time.

How do I recover my Grindr account?

Unfortunately, a deleted profile can’t be recovered as this is a permanent action. You can, however, create a new profile using the same credentials. If you are a premium user, please create a new account and restore your purchase.

Can you share a Grindr account?

Yes, you can use the same account and keep both versions of Grindr on your phone. You can use whichever one suits your current data plan or network connection. Your photos, favorites, and profile info will by synced across both apps.

Does grindr show your email address?

Grindr is sharing this information about you: Gender. The date of your last HIV test. Email addresses.

Where are grindr backups stored?

Users have the ability to back up their chats and media. You can restore them when you reinstall Grindr. Your messages and media will also back up to your phone’s internal storage.

What is grindr Web?

A precursor to modern dating as we know it, Grindr helped pioneer geosocial-based dating apps when it launched in 2009. It maintains one of the largest queer communities online, offering one of the only ways gay, bi and trans men can connect in corners of the world that remain hostile to LGBTQ rights.

Can you have two grindr apps?

As it stands, there is no multi-account support on Grindr. That isn’t to say that the app bans the use of multiple accounts, only that the app discourages it. If you have a second email, you can use the Grindr login and sign-up screen to create a second account on the app.

How do I make a new account on Grindr?

You will be presented with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your review. Provided you choose to accept, you will then enter your email address, your chosen password and date of birth you can tap create account. You should now be able to create your profile for other Grindr users to see.

Why is my Grindr account banned?

If your Grindr account was banned, then it most likely means you violated our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. We’re talking about (but not limited to): Illegal Activity (such as selling drugs or sexual solicitation) Spam or advertising.