Quick Answer: How Do You Make A Punchy Snare Sound?

What is the best sounding snare drum?

The best snare drums you can buy todayPearl Sensitone.

DW Design Series Black Nickel Over Brass.

Gretsch Full Range Hammered Black Steel.

Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Series.

Yamaha Recording Custom.

British Drum Company Merlin.

Sonor Signature Series Benny Greb.

Ludwig Black Beauty.More items…•.

What is the most expensive snare drum?

Most Controversial & Expensive Snare Drum Ever? $2 Million Ringo Starr Drumhead. DISCLAIMER: Harry spoke with the Jewish Defense League before writing on, and covering, this story about a historical snare drum.

What should I look for when buying a snare drum?

A snare drum that has a width of 5.5″ or less will have a tight pop. If you’re looking for a loud, open snare drum, go with a fat snare; one with a width of 6.5″ or more. A common, snare drum diameter is 14″. If you’re looking for a naturally lower pitched snare drum go with one larger than 14″.

What frequency should a snare be at?

500 Hz500 Hz – For more body to your snare, the fundamental frequencies around 500 Hz gives the snare a rounder sound. 3 kHz – Add clarity and punch by boosting this area in the upper mids. 10+ kHz – You don’t notice a big difference when you start adding air to the snare, but it does lift the snare sound up a bit.

Should I compress snare?

It you need to enhance the sustain, go for a faster attack and slower release. If the snare needs more attack and punch, go for a slower attack and faster release. A good way to find optimal settings for your snare compression is to exaggerate the compression so that you can hear it very well.

How do you make a punchy snare?

Top 10 Ways to Transform Your Snare From Weak and Thin to Punchy and TightCompress with the right compressor type. … EQ out the boxiness. … Add some thickness. … Add some crackle. … Focus on bringing out the snare in the overheads. … Use a tight reverb. … Medium attack. … Slower release.More items…

What does punchy sound mean?

(pʌntʃi ) Word forms: punchier, punchiest. adjective. If you describe something as punchy, you mean that it expresses its meaning in a forceful or effective way. A good way to sound confident is to use short punchy sentences.

How much does a good snare drum cost?

How They Stack Up: Top 10 Snares ComparisonsSnare DrumMaterial DesignPrice RangePearl Modern Utility Steel Snare DrumSteel snare$180 – $315Hendrix Archetype Stave Bubinga Snare DrumWood$800 – $1400Tama Starphonic Aluminum Snare DrumAluminum$500 – $800A&F Maple Club SnareMaple$1000+2 more rows•May 2, 2019

How loud should a snare mix be?

Start by setting the snare fader at 0 dB and bringing the rest of the drum mix in around it. The snare is the foundation of the backbeat, and typically one of the loudest elements in the mix. Next, bring the kick fader up until it sounds almost as loud as the snare.

What should I tune my snare to?

For a 6.5″ snare drum, the pitches G – Bb are what you should listen for (Ab – B for a 5″ drum). Using your drum key, tighten each tension rod ONE EVEN HALF TURN always working in opposites across the drum until you come near the pitch. Use a piano or keyboard percussion instrument to help find your pitch.

How do you equalize a snare?

Here’s a few quick tips on how to eq a snare drum. Start with rolling off the extreme lows so that the snare isn’t interfering with your kick and sub bass. Somewhere around 80hz should do the trick. Next add a gentle boost around 7kHz and high shelf around 12kHz to let the snare cut through.