Quick Answer: Is Subwoofer Cable Coaxial?

Can I use a coaxial cable for a subwoofer?


You can use the Coax digital cable for a subwoofer connection without problem.

However, things may not be entirely interchangeable.

Digital coax cables and all video cables have a standard impedance of 75 ohms..

What kind of cable does a subwoofer use?

a subwoofer cable comes with a standard RCA connector but is thicker than the standard RCA cable. You can use any RCA cord but over time it will shorten the speaker life, they do sell specific subwoofer cords fore them, I bought one with the KLIPSCH speaker at best buy about a month ago.

Do subwoofers need special cables?

Ways to Connect Subwoofer Most subwoofers require a single long cable with RCA connector. Connect it to the output of the AV receiver preamp and to an LFE (low-frequency effect) port of a subwoofer. … Many stereo receivers and amplifiers are equipped with subwoofer outputs for LFE connection.

Can coax cable be used for audio?

A coaxial digital audio connection is used to send S/PDIF digital audio signals between devices. It supports uncompressed PCM stereo audio as well as DTS and Dolby Digital 2.0/5.1/7.1 surround sound signals.