Quick Answer: Should I Use Tow Haul Mode On The Highway?

At what weight should you use tow haul?

Tow/haul is designed to work with any load from zero load to maximum load.

You should always use tow/haul when you like the way the truck operates in tow/haul, and not use it when you don’t like the way it operates..

Can you engage tow haul mode while driving?

So True, there are vast differences between the various tow modes, about the only thing the different tow modes have in common is that you can engage tow mode while driving or stopped.

Can you use cruise control when towing a trailer?

With certain automatic overdrive transmissions, towing, especially in hilly areas and with heavier trailers, may result in excessive shifting between overdrive and the next lower gear. … It should be noted that most auto manufacturers do not recommend utilizing the Speed Cruise Control while towing.

When should I use tow haul mode?

When driving in hilly areas, towing a trailer, carrying a heavy load, etc., and frequent transmission shifting occurs, push the TOW/HAUL switch to activate TOW/HAUL mode. This will improve performance and reduce the potential for transmission overheating or failure due to excessive shifting.

How fast can you drive in tow haul?

Re: What drive range to use with tow-haul mode My truck is the Z71 series, and has 3.73 rear gears. My tow trailer and gear rounds out to about 4800 lbs. I typically tow at 60 mph, never more than 65.

Does tow haul mode save gas?

If your looking for fuel mileage savings then use regular mode over tow/haul. Tow/haul will keep engine rpms and shift points higher which would help with the tow but not necessary unless you are heading through hilly country. It also helps as a brake by downshifting when coming down hills.