Quick Answer: What Does Just In Case Mean?

How do you say just in case professionally?

just in case / synonymsjust to be safe.as a precaution.in the event that.be on the safe side.in case.just to be on the safe side.in the event.in the event that something happens.More items….

What is another word for preemptive?

What is another word for preemptive?preventativeprecautionarypreventivedefensiveblockingdeterrentprotectiveprophylacticanticipatorydisease-preventing27 more rows

When we use of in a sentence?

We use of when we want to show that people or things relate to other things or people. For example, when we want to say that something or someone belongs to or is a part of something or someone else, we can do it like this: Tiffany stared at the floor of her room.

What is case in English grammar?

“Case” is a linguistics term regarding a manner of categorizing nouns, pronouns, adjectives, participles, and numerals according to their traditionally corresponding grammatical functions within a given phrase, clause, or sentence. … Commonly encountered cases include nominative, accusative, dative and genitive.

How do you use just in case?

just in caseThe cake was ordered just in case the desert that she made did not turn up well.He called the doctor just in case he was still in the clinic.I know that you wanted to know just in case the bike was available but you have to realize that you cannot afford it.More items…

What is another word for just in case?

What is another word for just in case?ifin casein the eventlestwhether or nowhether or notwhether

Which tense is used after in case?

You say: Write it down in case you forget. ✗Don’t say: in case you will forget• Use the simple past tense with in case when talking about the past. Don’t use ‘would’.

What is mean by in case?

1 : as a precaution against the event that carries a gun in case he is attacked. 2 : if in case we are surprised, keep by me— Washington Irving.

What is the difference between in case and if?

Here, “if” is used to present a conditional situation (dependent it raining), while “in case” is a precaution (done to prepare for the rain). “In case” is usually used to show that an action is being taken, or preparations have been made, as a precaution – so the action or event is completed based on a possibility.

What is another word for contingency?

Some common synonyms of contingency are crisis, emergency, exigency, juncture, pinch, straits, and strait. While all these words mean “a critical or crucial time or state of affairs,” contingency implies an emergency or exigency that is regarded as possible but uncertain of occurrence.

The most common English idiomsIdiomMeaningUsagePull someone’s legTo joke with someoneas part of a sentencePull yourself togetherCalm downby itselfSo far so goodThings are going well so farby itselfSpeak of the devilThe person we were just talking about showed up!by itself33 more rows

Is it just in case or just incase?

Just in case you haven’t figured this out already: the expression “in case” is two words, not one. There is a brand of equipment covers sold under the incase brand, but that’s a very different matter, to be used only when you need something in which to encase your iPad.

Is if in case correct?

‘In case’ is a conditional phrase and ‘If’ is a conditional conjunction and they do mean the same thing and hence, either use ‘if’ or ‘in case’ in any sentence. Never use in case and if together in any sentence.

Is in case formal?

Only context can tell. You can make it more formal immediately by simply omitting just: I have also attached the original in case you need it. You can make it more formal than that by not referring to you.

What is the difference between just in time and just in case?

The main difference between Just-in-Time and Just-in-Case is that JIT operations receive inventory only as it’s needed for production, whereas JIC stocks up inventories ahead of time. … Just-in-Time produces goods upon orders placed, and Just-in-Case literally produces ‘just in case’.

Is just in case an idiom?

Idiom: just in case.

How do you use case in a sentence?

In caseShall I keep some chicken salad for your brother in case he’s hungry when he gets here? ( conjunction)In case I forget later, here are the keys to the garage. ( conjunction)She knows she’s passed the oral exam, but she doesn’t want to say anything just in case. ( … I’ll take cash in case we need it on the ferry. (

What are the 20 idioms?

Here are 20 English idioms that everyone should know:Under the weather. What does it mean? … The ball is in your court. What does it mean? … Spill the beans. What does it mean? … Break a leg. What does it mean? … Pull someone’s leg. What does it mean? … Sat on the fence. What does it mean? … Through thick and thin. … Once in a blue moon.More items…