Quick Answer: What Is The Subscriber Name On An Insurance Card?

What is a subscriber suffix on insurance card?

Subscriber Name Suffix.

Type: Data Element.

Definition: Suffix of the insured individual or subscriber to the coverage..

Is insurance subscriber number the same as member ID?

It’s your member ID.

What does subscriber information mean?

Subscriber information means any information held by a service provider, relating to subscribers of its services, other than traffic data or content data, and by which can be established: (i) the type of communication service used, the technical provisions thereof, and the period of service; (ii) the subscriber’s …

What is the subscriber ID on Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Once you are registered and logged into Blue Connect, you can find your subscriber ID by clicking “Get Your ID Card” on the landing page. Or you can visit the homepage and then click “Profile.” Here you will see your plan and subscriber ID.

What is Subscriber ID on insurance card Blue Cross?

Your Member ID Number: Your BCBS ID card has your member number, and in some cases, your employer group number. You’ll need this information when receiving medical services at the doctor or pharmacy, or when calling customer service for assistance. 4.

What is a Member ID?

The Member ID is the unique identifier for your organization’s membership and is given to your company’s administrator. All of your membership details, including your company’s member ID, are available in your account on the membership page. Go to your account.

Is policyholder same as subscriber?

family coverage Health care coverage for a primary policyholder (called a “subscriber”) and his or her spouse and any eligible dependents.

What is the subscriber ID on an insurance card?

These numbers are located on the front of your member ID card, immediately to the left of the eligible member’s name. Providers and pharmacies should use this number for filing claims to the plan.

What does BCE mean on my insurance card?

Blue Choice Preferred PPOPage 2. BCBSIL will offer a narrow network called Blue Choice Preferred PPO (BCE)* The broad PPO products previously offered on the healthcare exchange will.

How do I find my subscriber number?

If you ever have trouble locating your subscriber ID, you can contact your insurance provider. When you let them know your basic information, they should be able to provide you with your identification number….The card should also have:Your subscriber ID.Your group plan number.Your plan type.

How do I read my insurance card?

How to read your insurance cardIdentify your information. Every health insurance card should have the patient’s name on it. … Policy number. All health insurance cards should have a policy number. … Group plan number. … Insurance company contact information. … Coverage amounts, in and out of network, and co-pays. … Prescription coverage. … Questions?

What is the difference between subscriber and member?

25 August 2009 what is the difference between shareholder, member and subscriber. 25 August 2009 Find below the “Generally accepted meaning”. Subscriber is a person who form the company and subscribe the memorandum by signing it. … Member is a person who invest his funds in the company and purchase shares of the company.

What is the difference between member and subscriber in health insurance?

Subscriber: The person responsible for payment of premiums, or whose employment is the basis for eligibility for membership in an HMO or other health insurance plan. The subscriber can enroll dependents under family coverage.