Quick Answer: Who Plays A Fender Jazz Bass?

Who plays a Fender Precision Bass?

There are a lot of bass players who prefer playing a P-Bass.

The Motown legend James Jamerson uses a ’62 PBass that he calls “the funk machine”.

Donald “Duck” Dunn, Carol Kaye, Pino Palladino, Steve Harris, Willie Weeks, Sting, Paul Simonon and George Porter Jr.

are just some of the notable P-Bass users..

Who makes the best jazz bass?

Top 9 Best Jazz Bass Guitars – 2020Ibanez SR375EF-BBT 5-String Fretless Bass Brown Burst. … Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass 60s Jazz Bass Laurel FB Black. … IBANEZ SR500E BASS GUITAR, BROWN MAHOGANY. … FENDER MUSTANG BASS PJ. … IBANEZ SR405EQM 5-STRING BASS GUITAR. … FENDER PLAYER JAZZ BASS MN. … SANDBERG CALIFORNIA TM4 BASS GUITAR. … Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass Guitar.More items…•

What scale is a Fender Jazz Bass?

34”The standard 34” bass scale length was popularised by Fender with its Precision Bass model.

Can a jazz bass sound like a precision?

A jazz sounds like a jazz, A P-bass sounds like a P-bass. Pickup type and placement has everything to do with the character of the sound. By routing a P-bass pup in the body of your squire and installing a P-bass Pup, you now have a bass that will sound like either.

Who makes the best p bass?

The 5 Best Precision Bass Pickups – Finding Deep and Powerful ToneFender Custom Shop ’62 P Bass.DiMarzio Model P DP122.Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P Bass.Bartolini 8S.EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass.

Are Rickenbackers worth the money?

They are usually well built, in the USA. They typically play really good. They hold their value well in the used market. But because they are unique their used market is not as big as that of say a Fender Stratocaster or Precision Bass, so it will take longer to sell than another brand probably.

Why Rickenbacker basses are so expensive?

rickenbackers cost so much because they are made in the US,and have superior components craftsmanship and quality control,but the main reason they cost so much is that there are a lot of basses that sound like precisions and jazzes,but for the most part only a rick sounds like a rick.

Should I get a Jazz or Precision Bass?

By the 12th fret, both instruments’ necks are the same width, so the Jazz Bass neck is more tapered. … This makes the Jazz Bass better for players with smaller hands. Precision players prefer the more “even” feel of the Precision’s neck from low to high registers. The Jazz bass neck is also rounder than the Precision’s.

Why are P basses so good?

The P bass has a very clangy, punchy, characteristic tone which is usually harder to get on most basses because they typically opt for humbucker pickups. As such, people who want this tone (if they want to play punk rock for example) will nearly always default to the P bass.

Is Bass easier than guitar?

The bass is easier to play than the guitar. The bass may only have four strings compared with the electric guitar’s six, but that doesn’t make it any easier to learn to play properly. It’s a different instrument that’s played differently from the electric guitar.

Why do bass guitars have longer necks?

The scale length of the bass is greater than the entire length of the guitar. So that’s why they look longer – they are, because they have to be. … The longer scale length is a compromise to allow thinner strings under more tension to produce the low bass notes.

Does paul McCartney play with a pick?

Paul McCartney plays bass with a pick instead of his fingers because he was a guitar player before taking up the bass. In an interview he did in 2005 with Chris Jisi he stated the following on his technique: “I use either a pick or my fingers; I don’t really do any muting or slapping.

Is Rickenbacker a good bass?

they’re exceptionally good for getting high end tones, their treble and sustain levels are unmatched, and otherwise its just a really well made bass.

What is a Fender Jazz Bass?

The Fender Jazz Bass (often shortened to J-Bass) is the second model of electric bass created by Leo Fender. It is distinct from the Precision Bass in that its tone is brighter and richer in the midrange and treble with less emphasis on the fundamental frequency.

What is the difference between Fender Jazz and Precision Bass?

A Jazz bass is an offset instrument, much like a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster but with a long lower horn cutaway. It’s defined by its bridge and middle single-coil pickups. The P bass has a double cutaway like a Strat but larger and chunkier. These have two specific pickup configurations, either a P or PJ pickup sets.

The best bass guitars to buy right nowSterling By Music Man SUB Ray5. … Fender Mustang bass guitar. … Yamaha TRBX305 bass guitar. … Fender Geddy Lee Signature Jazz bass. … Epiphone Viola Bass. … Ibanez SRH500-DEF Bass Workshop. … G&L Tribute L2000. … Music Man StingRay Special. The perennial favourite goes from strength to strength.More items…•

What is the best Precision Bass?

Best bass guitars: Our top picks The next generation of Fender’s American-built Precision, the Fender American Ultra Precision Bass, is a doozy. With an Ultra Noiseless Vintage Jazz Bass single-coil in the bridge and its split-coil counterpart in the middle, the American Ultra P-Bass is one hugely versatile instrument.

Is a Rickenbacker bass worth the money?

Rickenbacker bass fans see it as a great instrument with a pretty unique sound that is very reliable and more versatile than people think, with a high “wow factor”. … For some, it’s their dream bass. For people who are really into them, these basses are worth every penny.