What Are The Documents Required For LL Test?

How can I pass my learners?

How to get your L’s on the first attempt.

Study the road rules and do practice tests.

Thoroughly study the Road Users’ Handbook so you know all the road rules and complete online practice driver knowledge tests until you can pass them consistently..

How do I check my LL online?

How to Check Your Driving Licence (DL) Status Online via State Transport official website?Step 1: Visit the State Transport Department website of the state you live in.Step 2: Click on the “DL and LL Registration” tab.Step 3: Once redirected, click on the “Know your application status” tab.More items…

Can I drive alone with learners license in India?

Learner drivers can only drive the motor training school’s vehicle under the supervision of a trained driver with a permanent driving licence. The offence of a learner who drives alone or drives a private car is akin to that of one who drives without a licence. Driving without a licence attracts a penalty of Rs 450.

What are minor faults on driving test?

A minor fault (what’s called a ‘driving fault’ on your test sheet) is for a bit of bad driving that doesn’t cause immediate danger. A silly mistake is not a serious fault unless you don’t deal with it safely.

How do I find my LL test password?

Ask at the Help Desk where to approach for Online Documents Verification as they keep changing the rooms. Get your documents verified. You’ll receive a SMS with your test password within 5 minutes. Once you receive the password, go to Online Exam Room.

Can a 17 year old drive 2 friends?

During the first 12 months after getting a license, they cannot drive other teens unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, a licensed driver age 25 or older, or a licensed or certified driving instructor. They may drive siblings to school, for example, but a note is recommended. But they cannot drive friends.

What to do if LLR expired?

Here are the steps to renew your learner’s licence offline:Visit the nearest RTO in your state/city.Completely fill in the forms and attach the requested documents.Submit the form along with the documents and passport-sized photographs.Pay the application fees.More items…

Can you sit your learners online?

You can practice for the Driver Knowledge Test online. … You hold your learner licence for at least 12 months, and must complete 120 hours of supervised driving practice, including 20 hours of night driving.

What is done in LL test?

The test has 15 questions, out of which the applicants are required to answer nine correctly if they wish to have their Learner’s License, and each response should be completed in 30 seconds. Due to this, three out of ten applicants could not pass the test.

Can I get learning license at 17 in India?

The State Transport Department has instructed all RTO offices in the city to stop issuing learner’s licence to those below 18. … Under the Motor Vehicles Act, the learner’s license holder is only allowed to ride a two-wheeler that is gearless, 50cc or below.

Can I apply DL without LL?

You cannot legally drive on Indian roads without a learner’s licence. To learn driving, you must first get a learner’s licence specific to the class of the vehicle you are learning to drive or ride. To get a permanent driving licence, it’s mandatory to first procure a learner’s licence.

Is LLR test easy?

Learning license is easy to acquire as you only have to give the computerized test. And most of those questions are very easy to attempt. … The first one is LLR and the second one is permanent Licence test. To get a permanent Licence you should get qualified in the test for LLR (Learner’s Licence for Driving on Road).

What is the minimum age to apply for LLR?

To obtain a learner’s license for gearless two-wheelers, the applicant must be of at least age 16 and above. To obtain a learner’s license for transport vehicles, the applicant must be of age 20 and above and should already have a license light motor vehicles.

How many days will it take to get LLR?

Currently, the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) take up to three days to issue LL on an average, which could go up to seven days in some cases. The move is likely to benefit thousands of LL applicants, with the 10 RTOs in the city receiving over 1,500 applications for LL each day.

What should we take for LLR test?

Documents Required for Learning Driving Licence3 copies of applicant’s recent passport size photograph.Proof of residence (Any one of the below – Original and 1 self-attested photocopy)Voter ID.Life Insurance Policy.Passport.Electricity/Water/Telephone Bill.Ration Card.Adhar Card.More items…•

How do you give an LL test?

To get your learner’s licence, you would need to give a theoretical exam. Your written exam will consist of a few learning licence test questions. Anyone above the age of 16 years can take this drivers licence test either online or offline at the nearest Road transport office (RTO).

How do I make sure I pass my driving test?

Take a look at these 5 top tips to help you pass your driving test first time.Make sure you’ve had enough lessons. … Take a look at the top reasons people fail – and how to avoid them. … Keep your nerves under control. … Make sure you know how the test works. … Make sure you take the right things to your driving test.

How can I pass my driving test in India?

Just stick to basics and don’t do anything that doesn’t go your way. Another useful suggestion that will assist you to ace your driving test is to keep both your hands on the wheel. Make sure you grab the steering wheel at the 3 and 9 o’clock position, as it is safe and effective strategy for passing your road test.

What are fails on a driving test?

Top 10 Reasons For Failing The Driving TestObservation at junctions (11.9% Fail)Use of mirrors (8.2% Fail)Inappropriate speed (5.1% Fail)Steering control (4.7% Fail)Reversing around a corner (4.3% Fail)Incorrect positioning (4.2% Fail)Moving away safely (4.2% Fail)Use of signals (4.1% Fail)More items…•

Is passing driving test hard?

The driving test really is unlike any other test you’re likely to take. It has so many potential pitfalls, high stress and nerves with an examiner sitting right next to you.

What are the documents required for LLR in Tamilnadu?

Any One Of The Following To Be Produced For Age Proof:Aadhar Card.Birth Certificate.School Certificate.Passport.Electoral Roll.LIC Policy.Pay slip issued – Govt. Office (or) a Local Body.Affidavit Sworn by the applicant before an Executive (or) a First Class Judicial Magistrate (or) Notary Public.