What Does In Any Case Mean?

Can you start a sentence with in any case?

Synonym: anyhow, anyway, at any rate, besides, in any event..

What can I say instead of in case?

just in case / synonymsjust to be safe. phr.as a precaution. phr.in the event that. phr.in case. phr.be on the safe side. phr.just to be on the safe side. phr.in the event. phr.in the event that something happens. phr.More items…

What is event mean?

noun. something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurrence, especially one of some importance. the outcome, issue, or result of anything: The venture had no successful event. something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time.

What does still and all mean?

: nevertheless, still.

What is the meaning of at point?

This phrase refers to a particular time when an event or circumstance occurred, as opposed to “now” (see at this point). [

How do you use in spite of in a sentence?

They never made much money, in spite of their success. In spite of the pain in his leg, he completed the marathon. Despite having a headache, I had a great birthday. The train was cancelled.

What is another word for anyhow?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for anyhow, like: anyway, and so, at-any-rate, in-any-event, at all events, nevertheless, nonetheless, in-spite-of, however, in-any-case and regardless.

What does the phrase in any case mean?

phrase. You say in any case when you are adding something which is more important than what you have just said, but which supports or corrects it. [emphasis] The concert was sold out, and in any case, most of the people gathered in the square could not afford the price of a ticket.

What does nevertheless mean?

adverb. nonetheless; notwithstanding; however; in spite of that: a small but nevertheless important change.

When should I use nevertheless in a sentence?

However and nevertheless: to express a contrast We can use either of the adverbs however or nevertheless to indicate that the second point we wish to make contrasts with the first point. The difference is one of formality: nevertheless is bit more formal and emphatic than however.

What’s another word for either way?

What is another word for either way?regardlessneverthelessnonethelessanywayirregardlessanyhownotwithstandinganywaysall the samein any case52 more rows

Is in any case formal?

The two phrases “in any event” and “in any case” are part of the standard staple of formal expressions in English. … The two phrases “in any event” and “in any case” are part of the standard staple of formal expressions in English. Both mean whatever happens or whatever may have happened.

What does in any event mean?

phrase. You say in any event after you have been discussing a situation, in order to indicate that what you are saying is true or possible, in spite of anything that has happened or may happen.

What does anyhow mean?

in any manner1a : in any manner whatever. b : in a haphazard manner.

In which used in a sentence?

“In which” is being used to specify a type of location. You could buy a sack of “Rice” IN WHICH there may be over one million grains of rice. When preparing to cook you will require a glass bowl, in which you may crack two eggs. How do I avoid using “on” twice in the same sentence?

Where is nevertheless used?

(sentence adverb), (formal) You use nevertheless to add surprising information or something in contrast to what was already said or written. Morgan stopped working as a doctor in 1973. Nevertheless, he remained active in medical research until his death.

What kind of word is nevertheless?

“Nevertheless” is commonly used as a conjunctive adverb.

What does In either case mean?

If you were making a statement about both cases, the meanings of “In either case” or “In any case” or are different: “In either case the animals died” is a statement of the fact that “in both pieces of research the animals died”. … So I’d go with “any” in this case since the number of such “cases” is undefined.